Cuisinart Waffle Makers – Top Irons Reviews

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People’s love for waffles never grows cold. Waffles, made of leavened batter or dough and often cooked between two plates, have become quite popular on many dining tables.

And there are 12 different types of waffles eaten in different parts of the world every single day.

Today, the market has different waffle iron brands, each trying to compete for the attention of many waffle lovers out there. One of the top brands in the market nowadays is the Cuisinart.

In this post, we will look at all the Cuisinart Waffle Makers, and help you see why they are as important as we believe them to be.

Comparison Table & Rating

Cuisinart Waffle Makers Reviews

1. Cuisinart WAF-F10

Cuisinart WAF-F10 Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel
  • Creates deep-pocket 1-inch Belgian waffles. Cord length : 36 Inches
  • Browning control knob adjusts to 6 settings for custom cooking from light to dark
  • Easy-to-handle rotary feature for even baking on top and bottom
  • Nonstick coating for easy food release and cleanup
  • 1000 watts of power


Cuisinart WAF-F10 is one of the Best Belgian Waffle iron  that makes it possible for you to add little more taste to your breakfast table. When coffee alone won’t be enough to spike the flavor, a tasty waffle can make everyone in the family to run around and crowd the dining table, and fast.

For the price, you get a very stable waffle iron powered by 1,000 watts of power. The waffle grills aren’t just coated; they are also non-stick, which means the waffles are easy to remove and the grids easy to clean.

The pockets are one-inch extra deep, so the waffle that this machine makes is definitely going to be fluffy on the inside. 

LED Indicator

This waffle iron features blue LED lights that do two things. First, you do not have to guess if the unit is ready for batter.

 Once you spray the grids with your favorite cooking oil, let it heat up until the LED light tells you that the machine is ready for the batter. Second, the LED light will let you know when the waffles are ready.

Overall, the light indicators removes the guesswork out of the way by cooking your waffles with such an ease.

Browning Option

Two things really make this waffle iron stand out from the likes of Star Wars Waffle Makers. First, this unit can make up to four waffles on the go. And given the extra deep pocket, you are really on to something quite healthy.

 Second, the browning option is a feature that’s hard not to love. It lets you do custom baking by simply turning a knob, a great way to make your waffles look and taste exactly the way you want them to.

2. Cuisinart WAF-300 

Cuisinart WAF-300 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates - Silver
  • Includes a set of 4-slice Belgian waffle plates and a 4-slot pancake plate. Cord length : 36 Inches
  • Nonstick coated removable plates-dishwasher safe
  • Six setting temperature control
  • Ready to Bake/Ready to Eat indicator lights; audible alert
  • Brushed stainless steel top cover; upright storage; tongs and recipe book included.To clean exterior, wipe with a soft dry cloth. Never use an abrasive cleanser or harsh pad


Waffles don’t always have to be usual or ordinary. You can make them taste a lot better by adding some extra toppings (ingredients). Once you bake the batter and serve the waffles, add eggs, pancakes, or sausages to the meal and make the breakfast unforgettable.

Because it can make different foods, but mostly the waffles and the pancakes, this iron is, by all means, the best option for people that are looking for a multi-purpose waffle maker. 

In terms of design, the unit features 4-slot pancake plates as well as non-stick plates. Since the plates are removable and non-stick, cleaning them is easy and you never have to worry about things getting messy during baking.

The Indicator Light

The light indicator is one of the most outstanding features of this waffle maker. It is designed to let you know when the waffle iron is ready for the batter. And it also alerts you when the waffles are ready to cook.

The best thing about this is that it eliminates guesswork from the equation, so your waffles actually cook well and within the right time.

Dual Purpose Unit

Many waffle irons in the market can do just one thing: make waffles. Only a handful of these units go beyond the ability to make waffles to making great tasting cookies for breakfast.

The WAF-300 model falls into the dual-purpose category, as it can make waffles as well as other foods, including pancakes and sausages.

Since this unit is compact, it takes up less space, making it a good option for persons that have limited kitchen space. It is also lightweight, so it should be easy to move around if you ever need to do that.

3. Cuisinart WAF-100 Vertical Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WAF-V100 wafflemaker, Silver
  • Vertical Design with Batter Pour Spout
  • Bakes One Round Belgian Waffle
  • Five-setting Browning Control
  • Ready-50-Bake/Ready-to-Eat Indicator Lights
  • Audible Alert


The unique design of the WAF-100 Vertical Waffle Maker is quite breathtaking. At least, it looks different from the other units in the Cuisinart waffle maker series. The batter pour sprout definitely makes the unit easy to use.

The WAF-100 is the only unit in the series that features a well-made measuring scoop.

The scoop makes it easy to pour in the right amount of batter without worrying about overfilling, under-filling, or spill. One of the best things about the vertical design is that it takes up less space.

So if you are limited on space in your counter, and you love to make waffles for breakfast, this might be the best unit to buy.

I’d also like to think that the vertical design is significant as it helps to distribute the batter over the plates evenly so that what you end up with are perfectly shaped waffles.

A variety of control settings

This waffle maker has a number of settings that gives you full control on the waffles that you would like to make. The first is the 5 browning settings, which let you make a waffle according to your own liking.

Then there are audio alerts that have two functions: the first that lets you know when the unit is ready to take batter and the second one that alerts you know when the waffle is already cooked.

Simple Design

This unit features quite a simple design. And the fact that it doesn’t come with a user manual means that it is very easy to use. The cool touch locking handle and the tight seal will keep your waffles from spilling.

And the interior sections are non-stick; this makes the waffles easy to dislodge from the plates and the unit very easy to clean.

4. Cuisinart WAF-200 4-Slice

Cuisinart WAF-200 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker - Silver
  • Nonstick coated baking plates
  • Six-setting browning control
  • Ready to Bake/Ready to Eat indicator lights
  • Audible alert; recipe book included
  • Brushed stainless steel top cover


Why would you buy waffles for a family Sunday brunch when you can make them yourself from the comfort of your home with WAF-200 4 –Slice?

With a pocket-friendly waffle iron like this, you never have to bother buying waffles from a restaurant near you. And you can even make waffles every day if you want to. The best thing about this waffle iron is that it can bake 4 slices of waffles on the go.

These waffles have deep pockets so they can hold syrups quite well. If you have a big family, or if you just love to make more than one waffle on the go, the WAf-200 4-Slice waffle maker is for you.


This waffle iron is made of stainless steel and it features a unique arch handle, which makes it easy to use. There are two light indicators on this machine: red and green.

The red indicator will light up when you turn the machine on. The light will remain in the same state as the unit heats up. Once the waffle plates heat up to the most appropriate temperature, the light indicator will turn to green signifying that the iron is ready for the batter.

Once your waffles cook, the green light will blink to signify that it is ready to remove from the plates.

Browning settings

One of the best things about this model is that it has more browning options unlike some waffle makers in the Cuisinart series.  You get from 1 to 6 temperature controls, which make it possible for you to determine your baking cycle depending on how you would like the waffles to look.

5. Cuisinart WAF-150 4-Slice

Cuisinart WAF-150 4-Slice Belgian Waffle Maker, 1 Piece, Silver
  • Bakes (four) 1-inch-deep Belgian waffles
  • Nonstick baking plates
  • Cord wraps under the base and unit stands on end for compact storage
  • Green indicator light illuminates when the waffle maker is ready to bake and also when the waffles are ready to eat
  • Stainless steel top cover with embossed logo


Cuisinart WAF-150 comes before the WAF-200 model. So it may not be as advanced as the later is, but its performance isn’t that bad. It is generally on the same price range as the WAF-200, and it looks appealing and simple in terms of design.

It features a level in front, this makes it easy for you to open and close the device accordingly. It doesn’t come with a user manual, but it is quite easy to use. It feels quite soft on hold, and it even has a handle that makes it easy to hold, especially during open and closing of the unit.

The Light Indicators

One of the things that we have seen so far across all the waffle makers designed by this company is the light indicator. And to be frank, it is quite a great addition to the iron, which helps to eliminate a lot of guesswork. The red light shows you that the unit is on and heating.

As soon as it is ready to take in batter for baking, the light turns green. When your waffles are ready to remove from the baking plates, the green light will blink.

What you get

Like the WAF-200, the WAF-150 lets you make 4 extra deep Belgian waffles on the go. It is a great alternative to Death Star Waffle Makers, which can only make one waffle at a time. Because it can make 4 waffles on the go, the WAF-150 is a good option for people that have families as well as those that do not have the time and psych to make one waffle at a time.

You will also love this unit because it is easy to clean.

6. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker, Silver, 1
  • Dual indicator lights; 5-setting browning control
  • Round nonstick cook plate with four quarters
  • Stands on end for compact storage. BPA free
  • 3-Year warranty
  • Voltage-120V Features: Bakes one large traditional-style waffle|Five-setting browning control|Regulating thermostat|Red and green "ready to bake/ready to eat" indicator lights|Nonstick baking plates|Brushed stainless steel housing|Instruction/Recipe book|Limited 3-year warranty|BPA Free


When it comes to making the most durable waffle makers, Cuisinart knows how to play by the book. And they take their arts seriously. To be frank, the WMR-CA Round Classic is one of the most durable units out there, because stainless steel is always designed to last by standing up against rust, no matter how frequent it is subjected to use.

 As always, the units in this series are always easy to use, and the WMR-C model is not an exception. Given that it is available in red and silver colors, you can always choose a color of your choice.

Light Indicator

The first thing that I would like to talk about as far as the WMR-CA is concerned is the light indicator. This unit has two of them: red and green. In practice and on paper, they do pretty much the same thing.

The red light indicates that the unit is on and heating. When the plates are hot enough to take the batter, the unit’s LED indicator will turn to green. Then, after the waffles cook well and are ready to serve, the green light will blink to indicate that it is time to remove the waffles and pour in new batter.

Browning Control

One of the things that you cannot resist to love about the Cuisinart Waffle makers is the browning option. With the WRM-CA model, it is pretty much about taking full control of your baking.

Because with the browning control settings, you can easily manipulate how you want your waffles to look like before you remove them from the waffle plates. At the end of the day, the unit makes your waffle look exactly the way you want.

7. Cuisinart WAF-F20

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker, Stainless Steel
  • Creates two deep-pocket 1-inch Belgian waffles at the same time. Dimensions : 15.50 L x 9.75 W x 9.30 H inches. Cord length : 36 Inches
  • 6-setting browning control knob ensures each waffle is cooked to order
  • Nonstick coating for quick food release and easy cleanup
  • 2 LED Ready indicator lights illuminate when each waffle is done
  • 1400 watts of power.UC Cubic Feet: 1.08


The Cuisinart WAF-20 is also another model with some cool features, so it makes cooking waffles easy and fun.  The waffle plates are an extra inch deep, so they can hold quite an amount of syrup with ease. And while it is not as cheap as every Star Wars waffle maker in the market, it is still quite affordable. All those waffles you see sold in the restaurant near you; well you can make them using this waffle iron.

What you get

It is important to note that this machine can only make two waffles at a time. If you want to make more than two, you should consider Cuisinart WAF-150 4-Slice Waffle Maker or the WAF-200 model. Overall, this unit makes tasty waffles in just a couple of minutes.