Types of Lettuce for a Perfect Waffle Salad

types of lettuce

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There’s more to waffles than just using the best waffle maker. Served plain, waffles still make for a tasty addition to your morning breakfast. But if you can add some toppings or sandwich a little something extra to the serving, that’s when you actually have a mouthwatering meal every time you bring a waffle to the table. 

A lettuce makes a good addition to waffles because they add to the taste of the food and enhance the overall eating experience. Whether you’re a fan of Belgian waffles or you prefer the waring pro waffle style, adding some tasty salad to the mix can make breakfast taste like a Christmas meal. 

Iceberg lettuce is probably the most popular out there. But it’s our least favorite recommendation because it’s 98% water and it has the poorest nutritional content. While this would make an okay topping to add to your waffle, it’s best to consider other types anyway. Here are some of the options to consider. 

What are the Most Common Types of Lettuce?

1. Ithaca Lettuce

Ithaca lettuce looks somewhat similar to the iceberg type. Only it has huge leaves that overlap and fold in on each other. Ithaca feels somewhat touch on touch. And you have to peel it off one by one to separate the overlapping leaves. 

At its best, it’s easier to chop and shred. It has a high leaf count so you can make a lot of salad from it. Plus, it has a firm head, which explains why it grows well even in an area subject to pests. Once ripe and ready for harvest, all you have to do is chop off the top leaves. At its worst, peeling off can be a tad hard and a tedious process. 

2. Tom Thumb Butterhead Lettuce

Tom Thumb Butterhead lettuce is very small. Since it is compact, it can grow really well in a space as small as a container. 

Some gardeners recommend this type for rabbits, but it’s also a good option for making tasty salad to add to your waffle for morning breakfast. 

Probably the best thing about this type of lettuce comes down to the fact that it’s easy to grow. Plus, it can do really well even in somewhat poor soil types and it has a relatively short maturity rate. More often than not, it takes roughly two months to grow, mature, and get ready for harvesting. 

3. Oak Leaf Lettuce

So it’s an oak! Okay, but that’s kind of a strange name to give to a delicious plant, don’t you think? But then again, it resembles the structure of an oak tree so it pretty much deserves the name. You’ve probably seen this type in grocery stores and they’re actually a type to consider if flavor and nutritional value are two things you take seriously. 

Not to confuse them with red leaf or green lettuce, the oak left is a bit short with a soft texture at the top. The taste is tender, nothing too powerful to dissolve the flavor of your waffle. 

4. Loose Leaf Lettuce

If you think “loose leaf” as a name sounds awful, feel free to refer to it as green or red leaf lettuce. This one is hard not to love. In fact, its mild flavor makes it a good option to consider over the usual iceberg lettuce. When you add the Loose Leaf lettuce salad to your waffle, you introduce a completely different and sweet twist to your breakfast. 

If you are open to mixing a variety of lettuces together, you could use Loose Leaf and Iceberg to create some tasty combination. Note that the leaves of this type of lettuce are somewhat big. So you’ll need to chop them into smaller pieces first before making your salad. 

5. Crisphead Lettuce

It’s somewhat easy to mistake Crisphead lettuce for a cabbage because the two look similar. However, it’s a completely different kind of plant.  

Also called the head lettuce, Crisphead is one of the most nutritious plants out there. In fact, it contains a number of useful ingredients, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Fiber, and Protein. 

These nutrients have tons of health benefits. Which is to say that if you sandwich the Crisphead lettuce into your waffles, you’ll not just eat a tasty breakfast. You’ll actually consume a meal that can lower your risk of getting sick. 

6. Stem Lettuce

Chinese lettuce, stalk lettuce, and stem lettuce just means the same thing. It’s a plant popular in the Chinese cuisine, a healthy choice with tons of useful ingredients. Stem lettuce is completely different from the options above in at least two ways. It has a rather long stalk and its leaves are narrow. 

At its best, stem lettuce features a number of useful nutrients. These include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Potassium, Protein, Manganese, Folate, and Iron. These nutrients play key role in sustaining one’s health, including boosting metabolism and enhancing the immune systems, which is essential for protection from diseases. 

At its worst, stem lettuce’s leaves have a high level of latex that makes them too bitter to eat. As such, you can only eat the stem. Again, this type of lettuce is quite uncommon in local grocery stores. However, you might be lucky to find it in international stores. 


As you can see, lettuces are available in different types. They are generally easy to plant and they tend to grow faster than cabbages. For example, the Tom Thumb Butterhead has a maturity rate of just 55 days and can grow well even in poor soil types. 

Like cabbages, lettuces are good for making salads, which you can add to any meal of your choice, not just on waffles. And since these types are nutritious, you can expect that any option you consider will have a unique flavor.

Generally, they make a good topping. But if you don’t like them on top of your waffles, then feel free to sandwich them somewhere in between. 

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